Our Story

FAHQ® is a lifestyle brand committed to bringing you the best in limited-edition drops that include casual clothes, skateboard decks & accessories, and collectibles.

FAHQ® is a brand that encourages individuality, expression, and doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Remember, the ride we call life is short.​


Brand, Lifestyle, and Movement​

FAHQ® is an acronym, abbreviation, and slang word that means "Fu#k You," and while edgy, the brand is much more than just a trendy name. FAHQ® is a lifestyle. A movement. FAHQ® was established to encourage and promote individuality, as well as expressing oneself. FAHQ® is about inspiring our community, which we consider family, and making the most out of every day we have on this journey called life.

Based in Miami, FAHQ® is surrounded by amazing culture, non-stop excitement, and amazing creative energy. The "Magic City" is where many of the top entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle trends are born. We love Miami and everything about it.

All of our products are made using the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes.