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This is the cookie policy that is agreed upon when visiting and making a purchase on this website.

Last revised: 01/20/2021

By using this website owned by and/or operated on behalf of FAHQ LLC and its affiliates (“FAHQ,” “we” or “us”) (the “Services”) with your browser set to accept cookies, you consent to our use of cookies and other technologies to provide the Services to you as described in this notice and in our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. For more information about what cookies, tags, and tracking pixels are, what they do, and how you can opt out of, manage, or delete them, please review this Cookie Policy.

What Are Cookies, Tags, and Tracking Pixels?

Cookies, tags, and tracking pixels are strings of code stored locally on your device that allow us, our service providers, and advertising partners to identify your browser and/or device as you browse the internet. Cookies, tags, and tracking pixels can be placed, read, and/or written to by our Services, or other websites or services that recognize a particular cookie, which allows the website to recognize or remember a particular browser or device and, in some cases, store information about that browser or device.

Certain types of cookies, tags, tracking pixels, or cookie-like functionality may be placed or activated through browser add-ons, and while these cookies are stored differently, their functionality and purpose is similar to other cookies.

Cookies are often used in conjunction with pixel tags, which are small images that we, our analytics providers, and other third-parties can use to interact with cookies and other tracking technologies. For example, we use pixel tags to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing campaigns by determining whether you open and interact with the content in our marketing and newsletter emails.

How Long Are Cookies Stored?

  • Session Cookies: Stored for the duration of a browser session; when the browser is closed, the cookie is deleted.
  • Persistent Cookies: Stored for a preset amount of time (typically between 90-days and two years) and are typically not deleted when a browser session is ended.

What Cookies Does This Website Use?

  • Necessary Cookies for Functionality: Some cookies are necessary to allow you to browse the Services and access certain pages. Necessary cookies are required for the Services (or certain functionality on the Services) to work properly, and we do not use these cookies to collect personal information about you, as well as to remember information that you have provided or choices you have made on the Services, such as saving your logged-in status, site preferences, or the contents of your shopping cart. This allows us to provide a more personalized and convenient browsing experience. Disabling or removing these cookies may prevent the Services, or certain functionality on the Services, from working correctly or at all, as well as make browsing the Services less convenient or may prevent certain functionality (such as the shopping cart or store) from working correctly.
  • Cookies to Measure Use, Performance, and Analytical Data: We use cookies to determine which parts of the websites are most interesting for our visitors, how many visitors go to our website, and which parts receive most views. Cookies are also used to collect information about how our users use and interact with the Services, such as what pages are visited most often, how the Services are used and function, or how users navigate the Services. We use this information to improve the Services. Disabling or removing these cookies generally does not interfere with the functionality or performance of the Services.
  • Third-Party and Advertising Cookies: With consent, we (and the relevant third-parties) can track your internet behavior on our website and on third-party websites using the information obtained from tracking and advertising cookies. This allows us to show you relevant ads and products, and present you with personalized offers on our website and on the websites of third-parties based on your interests and to track what third-party websites led you to this website. We do not have access to or control over cookies or other features that third-party websites and services may use, and the information and data policies of those third-party websites and services are not covered by our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, or this Cookie Policy. For example, we provide social sharing buttons on the Services that allow users to visit and share web pages through third-party social media platforms. We do not control how those platforms collect information about you, nor whether or how they may track you or may place and/or activate their own cookies and tracking technology on your device. For more information about how a specific third-party collects and uses information about your activities, please review their applicable terms of use, privacy policy, and/or cookie policy.

How Do I Manage or Make Choices About Cookies, Tags, and Tracking Pixels?

Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but you can adjust your device and/or browser settings to delete and/or block some or all cookies, or provide notifications when you receive a new cookie. You may also remove cookies that have already been placed. You will need adjust the individual settings of each browser and computer you use. Consult each browser for information and instructions on how to do this. To disable or delete cookies placed and used by browser add-ons visit the website of the specific provider. To opt out of Google Analytics, you can download and install an opt-out browser add-on for certain browsers. Blocking or deleting certain cookies may negatively affect your user experience on this website.

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